About Us

We’re in a race against time. As of July 23, 2020, the U.S. hit 4,000,000 confirmed cases. Infections doubled in just 6 weeks, and we don’t quite yet know when we’ll get out of this. We need protective equipment for the foreseeable future, and we need to make sure our community has it when they need it.

Our mission is to maximize protection from COVID-19. 

We’re a Bay Area-based team committed to increasing access and providing affordable and high quality equipment with the highest certifications for you, your loved ones, and the frontline workers who are serving our communities and treating patients everyday. We may not be at the forefront of this battle, but we stand by them. Our team is working around the clock with suppliers overseas to create supply chains and bring PPE domestically.

If you’re here, hopefully this means you also want to play an active role in protecting yourself, a loved one, and/or the community at large. We’re here to help and wish you health and safety during this time.

We’re also giving 10% of all proceeds to charities fighting COVID-19 like #GetUsPPE. You can support them directly here

Let’s fight this pandemic together.